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Safety precautions to look for while ordering food online

Safety precautions to look for while ordering food online

The nationwide lockdown has drastically altered the way of living for people across the globe. Unlike before, people cannot do various things which include but are not limited to going out to restaurants. However, restaurants have ensured various safety precautions so that people can order their favorite comfort food amidst this tense situation. As online food delivery involves multiple strangers starting from preparation till the doorstep delivery, here are a few safety precautions that you must look for while ordering your food online. 

* Order from the eatery you trust

This is not the time to experiment with different new food outlets. It is best to order from the restaurant you have been to before and have a basic idea about their sense of hygiene. Especially avoid those restaurants’ food that made you fall sick before. You should also check out the rating and reviews of the restaurant that you are ordering from to see what others have to say about their food as well as their safety precautions. 

* Go for contact-less delivery

Covid-19 is a contagious disease that can easily spread if you come in contact with an infected person. Therefore, before you order food online, check whether the eatery is offering contactless delivery. That means you would have to pay for your food through online payment methods instead of cash on delivery (COD). This would prevent both you and the delivery person from coming in contact with each other and minimizing the risk of getting infected. Use Deliveroo coupon codes to bag amazing discounts from top-rated restaurants. 

* Check what precautions are being taken

It is better to check what safety protocols are being followed by the restaurant to ensure ultimate safety. The restaurant should conduct a temperature check-up on regular intervals to detect any signs of infection. Moreover, all the employees, starting from the chef to the delivery person should wear masks and gloves to keep your food safe and healthy. 

* Order from eateries that take sanitization seriously

Sanitizing only once a day is not enough to keep the virus away. A good restaurant that sanitizes their kitchen and employees after small and regular intervals throughout the day is the restaurant for you. Also, order only from those restaurants who sanitize their delivery persons after every delivery. Hence, the risk of any chance of infection is negligible. Check out some amazing Deliveroo coupon codes to get mind-blowing offers on online food delivery. 

* Tackle the food safely once delivered 

The virus can stay on surfaces for long hours, especially plastic and paper, the two main materials used for food packaging.

Dispose of the packaging immediately after you have received your food. After you have disposed of the packaging, wash your hands properly with soap and water, or an alcohol-based(70%) hand sanitizer. Then, take the food and transfer it to another container. Dispose of the restaurant container right away. Avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes after you have received the package. 

* Heat-up the food before eating

The University of Georgia’s Centre for Food Security has advised that the virus seems extremely sensitive to cooking. The heat can weaken the viruses(if any) to a great extent. As the food is transported from outside, playing safe is the best bet in this scenario. 

Wrapping Up

Although the virus is contagious, to keep your food safe would not only require effort from the restaurant that you are ordering but also some effort on your behalf. It is essentially important to check all the safety protocols followed by the restaurant to keep you and your family safe.

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